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Christian Rohr
Stone Working Machinery

Leutendorfer Strasse 10
D-95615 Marktredwitz

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Due our work with second hand machines off all brands we are able to make nearly all repair works on stone working machinery meanwhile. All our technicians having a long term experience in erection, dismantling, repair and service of machines. Additional we are able to develop and install electronic control system for different machine types.

Because of our practice we are able to find very fast the problems on machines and to solve them. Repair work we are doing round the world, without making a difference between the machine brands.

Following jobs we are doing on stone working machinery:

  • Dismantling and erection of machines
  • Repair of all machine types
  • Service and control
  • reconditioning of machines
  • Spare part delivery for nearly all brands
  • Electronic update
  • Complete electronic system, also for new machines

For more information about our Full-Service please contact us. We are able to arrange repair works – mechanic and electronic – or to make a complete reconditioning of the machines.

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